Recently Pope Francis gave a homily on mission, he said. What is important is the whole journey by which we arrive at the mission the Lord entrusts to us. And this is the difference between the apostolic mission given us by the Lord, and a common task: you have to complete this task, you have […]

Where do you want to spend eternity? By Brendan Byrne The Bible is a Book of many stories, narratives made up of myth, theological and historical accounts. For Christians the Bible is much more, it is the Word of God written down by the apostles and prophets inspired by God. Many of the narratives and […]

The progress made in science, medicine, advances in technology and our pragmatic approach to society is unquestionably challenging the truth and revelation of Christian Traditions more notably the fundamental proposition of Christianity, The Resurrection of Jesus. In light of our contemporary society it makes the question, did Jesus rise from the dead? A more valid […]

Over 5000 thousand years of history of humanity from the Old Testament to The New Testament offers us some stark and contrasting ideas of who God is. The Journey of the Israelites out of slavery represented for them freedom and salvation. This concept manifested itself in the reality of that journey. God was assimilated into […]